We all are born with intelligence, indeed. Anyhow, there are some valid and compelling verbal fights against the in contrast to the claim that all individuals or are born alike in terms of IQ. If it was true, then we surely would like to people sharing the similar intelligence outcomes, or IQ level. Well, besides this debate, the technology has advanced and is contributing a lot in the welfare of mankind. Now, one can increase his IQ level just by playing some games online on his computer. Playing IQ games online is observed as one of the most artistic and imaginative ways of increasing one’s psychological potential. If one plays the intelligence games often, he will be able to improve and boost his levels of intelligence.

What are IQ games?

These are the games that requires some kind of strategies in which exerts some kind of pressure on brain or we can say some sort of exercise. Through that one’s intelligence is improved and increased. One might have listened of intelligence games involved in reconstructing or remodeling one’s strategic thoughts. It is the similar principle that is exercised when it comes to strategy or IQ games.

Following are some online Intelligence games that requires some strategies to be played.

Playing online Riddles and solving Puzzles

Both Riddles ad puzzles are played online by kids even by followers on instagram. These games usually based on some kind of logic that means one has pick it up from his reasonable and cogent well so as to fix them. In simple words one has to think deeply and play with brain to solve the puzzles. Riddles also excites and encourages the one who plays them as he strategize and deeply think for that purpose.

Games Improving Memory

Our brain has the special ability or feature of remembering things, it has a function related to memory, and there are many intelligence games advanced around this approach. One must ever have played the games of matching the pairs of pictures before, online. One will notice by looking at various pairs of pictures or images organized randomly, and in that case the person will have to think deep and will have to use his memory in order match the pair of images in accurate manner.

Games Increasing Vocabulary

Some games also boost up ones vocabulary as the word games suggest or offers the new and difficult words one could point for the very first time while playing those games online. Scrabble is the well-known and famous word game that is popular to boost the power of brain. Many Other common games for increasing vocabulary include crossword puzzles of new words and the puzzle for word search.

Video Games

Regardless of many controversies and verbal fights on the contradictory, playing online video games literally could prove very academic and informational for children and adults both. Video games have perceivable advantages and benefits, including improving a person’s basic or elementary mental capabilities, such as perception, thinking, memory and his problem-solving skills.