Clash Royale

It is one of those unblocked games which is not the age variant but can be played by both adults and children. This game is one of the best strategic games out there on the market. The game is totally free, but there are in-game purchases. The games are based on the arena where the player gets to play his card each card has a cost of exilir which upgrades automatically in a matter of seconds. When a card gets landed on the cost of the card is cut down in the exile bar. Players create their deck through winning chests and gaining money from their wins in the game. New arena gets locked after the jump of the few trophies.


Counter strike global offensive is one of those games which has gained audience from last four years. Every year there is millions dollars tournament of counter strike global offensive are conducted. In each tournament different teams entire throughout the world participate. CSGO is a makeover of the counter strike 1.6, and most of the community has shifted to this new upgrade. CSGO has its items market where every day million dollars trade is done. CSGO has a team of five players each player has its money which he gains from winning the rounds and killing opponents. The terrorist side has to plant the bomb while counter-terrorist side has to defense the base and defuse the bomb if planted.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is the number fourth in the series. This game has a good amount of story line and is decision-based. The game starts with a family getting saved from the nuclear explosion. The family members have been put through long sleep. Their child is taken from the family. The story then moves up when the head of the family wakes up from the long sleep and gets to know that two hundred years have been passed. The world has been destroyed and humans are divided into different factions.

Left 4 Dead

One of the most beautiful and scariest games of all times. This game requires four players to join a lobby and play on the server. The game starts with four character each character has to choose his gun. The world in this game has been destroyed and only a few people and zombies are left. They have to find safe houses to save themselves from these zombies.

Path of Exile

It is one of the best free RPG online games. Player has to do different quest to move up in the character race. There are different types of character races in the game. Each character has to be developed over time. The player with best character development leads to new techniques and skills. Thousands of players play this game and enjoy the fun it creates.


This game has recently been introduced to the community. But it has gathered quite a large community recently. Players from different countries have gathered on the servers of overwatch. Different kinds of tournaments are taking place with the big prize pool. Overwatch, each team, has five players that play against each other to win rounds and score more kills.

League Of Legends

League of Legends is very similar to the defense of ancients. There are five players on both teams. Each player has different roles. Both teams kill creeps which are generated automatically and move on their lanes. Both teams defend their towers and then their bases. The best team with correct items wins the game.

Dota 2

Defense of ancients has a huge history of their prize pool and game quality. This game has been played by the most number of players online. The tournaments of Defence of ancients prize pool reaches up to twenty million dollars every year.