Online gambling is one of the biggest problems, especially between authorities in different countries. Some wanted to write and change their laws and rules, while others went less.

Croatia has one of the fastest times in the game: rules and regulations.

This allows the player to understand what is going on here. With so many online casinos running every day, the best way to get started is to get all the information before you sign up.

In this guide, we cover the latest Gambling in Croatia laws, regulations, national rules, and updates to help players stay calm and safe in all types of online games.

Gambling history of Croatia

It was not until 1991 that the country became independent, which reduced the time it took to maintain gambling laws in many countries. Slowly but surely, they grew in the right direction and quickly became popular with many locals.

Interestingly, Croatia was one of the first Eastern Bloc countries to legalize gambling in the 1960s. Since independence, the gaming industry has grown significantly, especially among tourists visiting the country. As a result, you will find many large gaming hotels off the coast of the country.

One of the first attempts to restore the gambling was sports betting. Sport Tipp and Prvá Športka Kladonica were the first two private companies to start using tents. No wonder he is now the leader in the gambling industry. Public gambling and online gambling are legal in the country, but there are many restrictions.

The Gambling Act was passed in 2014. These laws allow online gambling companies to apply for a national gambling license. Only domestic game licenses allow players to view their games. Merchants who had to pay 3,000,000 kroons or $ 500,000 questioned the bill. Many sellers are not happy with the high price.

Online games are provided exclusively by the public Internet companies Hrvatska Lutrija and Prvá Sportska Kladonica. This site also allows players to participate in lotteries, sports games, horse racing, white racing and rowing. Croatia Lutry recently partnered with Microgaming Intralot Interactive to expand its online gaming portfolio.

If in the past poker was only allowed in the casinos of the world, now it is possible to play online. However, anyone wishing to open a poker site must obtain special permission from the Minister of Finance.

Although the new law opens the market to foreign nationals, entry prices are very high. In most cases, operators want to withdraw from the market or offer their services without permission. Unlike in France, operators monitor closely without permission, allowing players to “watch” as they see fit. The site is not banned, but it will soon be due to Croatia’s growing interest in regulating online gambling.

Are online gambling winnings taxable in Croatia?

Online gambling is one of the best ways to have fun without having to leave home and interact with other people. Cost is one of the most important factors to consider before using online income. It would not be good to know that if you get high fees, the government will cut taxes drastically.

This is the case in Croatia, where the winner pays a fee. For the category of 10,000 crons, the total profit is taxed at 10%, up to 15% between 10,000 and 30,000 kn and 20% above 30,000 kn. Players who win SEK 500,000 or more must pay 30% of the win. When tax collection begins, losing players’ winnings “without taxes” as mandatory taxes.